Outputs and Results

Outputs: MRGP National Component

The anticipated outputs for the Mozambican component of the MRGP are:

  • Support the Spatial Development Planning (SDP) Unit based in the Mozambican Ministry of Transport and Communications with policy formulation, strategic planning for infrastructure development, and Public-Private-Partnerships opportunities.
  • To assist in the establishment of an independent surface transport regulator (INATTER) whose scope comprises managing the awarding of concessions,
  • tariff setting, overseeing budgeting for maintenance and the operation of infrastructure.

Outputs: MRGP Regional Component

The planned outputs for the regional component of the programme include:

  • Studies and projects to support the improvement of key transport infrastructure links that will facilitate and improve access of landlocked countries to the roads and railways of the Beira and Nacala Corridors.
  • Project finance preparation for selected projects in order to get these to a bankable stage.
  • Coordination of donor assistance in order to establish and strengthen a common regulatory environment.
  • Infrastructure project financing: funding allocation for capital investment in project financing.

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