MRGP Structure

The MRGP is structured into two phases

In Phase One, (year 1 to 5) the emphasis will be placed on facilitating technical assistance. The focus will be on improving transport infrastructure along the main trunk corridors of Beira and Nacala by strengthening transport policy, planning, and regulations in the Government of Mozambique.

Phase Two (years 4 and 5), is expected to include interventions to stimulate investment in agriculture, manufacturing and services along the corridors. This will be done through promoting business linkages, developing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and preparing project finance documentation as well as through strategic infrastructure projects.

The MRGP is funded by DFID to the tune of £12,350,000 for Phase One (years 1-5), and £10,000,000 for Phase Two (years 3-5), of which £13,500,000 are allocated to the Mozambican component and £8,850,000 to the regional component.

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